How to turn off Google Location Data

Delete Your Google Location Data: 

When, Where to Go, All at Google’s fingertips. As a result, many of your information, which is highly private, is more likely to be leaked. So find out how to turn off Google’s Location Tracking.

A few days ago, an Australian court ruled that Google had made a mistake with the personal information of Android customers. Once again, big tech companies have been questioning the behavior of customer location data collection, conversations and privacy. Google has recently tracked the location data of those who opened new Google Accounts in Australia from January 2017 to December 2018. Many people thought that if ‘location history’ was stopped, data collection would be stopped. l But Google continued to track location.

The Australian incident is also a warning to Google customers around the world. How do customers in other countries get exempt from Google’s location data tracking?

Google tracks location data and provides that information to various apps like Google Maps. This allows Google Maps to understand where you go regularly and where you like to go. While this feature is useful to many, it may not be your choice to keep track of your location with a tech company. This work of secret eavesdropping can be stopped very easily.

How to turn off Google’s location tracking from Android?

*If you have all Google Services installed on your Android device, there is an easy way to delete location data. First, open the Google Maps app.

*Then log in to your Google Account. All your location data is tracked and saved in this account.

*Then open Google Maps.

*When the map loads, tap on the account icon at the top right.

 * Here you will see the ‘Your Timeline’ option.

 * If you select ‘Settings and privacy’ in the drop down menu, a new menu will open.

 * Then select ‘Delete all Location History’ under the ‘Location settings’ sub-menu.

This will delete your Google Location History. But what if you never want to track your location history in the future? Let’s know this also.

* Go to ‘Settings and privacy menu’ to turn off Google Location Tracking permanently.

 * Here you will see ‘Location is on’ and ‘Location History is on’. Turn off these two options.

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