Emo’s ‘Secret Chat’ feature ensures data protection

Popular instant messaging app Emo has come up with a new ‘Secret Chat’ feature to protect user information through end-to-end encryption.

The benefits of this new feature include the ‘self-destruction’ feature of the message after the end of the session and the ‘dissemination control’ of the message.

The new secret chat feature can be found in the attachment bar in the chat interface of a particular contact in Emo.  This feature will ensure the security of chat session information through end-to-end encryption.

The most important feature of this new feature is decimation control function. Under this function, no one will be able to copy, forward, share and download private conversations. The feature also prevents you from taking screenshots or recording conversations. So Emo users can interact with their personal issues with more confidence and security.

The popular instant messaging platform has taken a number of security measures over the past few months to make users feel more secure using emojis.  In December last year, Bangladesh launched the Emo Phone Number Verification System to protect users’ information.

This verification system ensures user safety, especially when users switch numbers.  This verification system will not be able to access the account information associated with the old phone number Emo, so the relevant information will be protected.

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