How to transfer Facebook posts to the cloud

Active Facebook users regularly post pictures, videos, texts, etc. As a result, their account is full of these posts. If such active users ever want to permanently delete a Facebook account, it becomes difficult to download all the posts one by one.

Gazette Now, India’s technology news outlet, says Facebook has made it easy for active users to save their posts if they want to permanently delete their accounts. That’s why the world’s largest social media has updated the transfer tool.

Active users of Facebook can easily transfer their photos and videos to cloud storage before permanently deleting the account. They can even transfer other posts without any complications. Follow these steps to transfer photos, videos and posts before permanently deleting your Facebook account:

1. First, open Facebook and go to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option

2. Click on the settings option. Then click on the ‘Your Facebook Information’ option. Now click on ‘Transfer a copy of your information’ option.

3. This step will ask for your password. After verifying with the password, select whatever you want to transfer in the post, photo, video or file.

4. Then you need to choose the platform on which you want to transfer your data. You can choose between Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage services.

5. Finally press the ‘Next’ option to complete the whole process. Facebook authorities will notify you when data is transferred.

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