This is the most expensive burger in the world, the price is about 4 lakh rupees!

Recently a chef from the Netherlands made this burger called ‘Golden Boy’. It costs 5,000 euros. About 4 lakh rupees in Indian currency!

Who doesn’t like to eat burgers!  Patty surrounded by cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce in a soft bun.  With a little French fries, there is no question.  But what if the price of a burger is equal to a new car?  Yes.  Recently a chef from the Netherlands made this burger called ‘Golden Boy’.  It costs 5,000 euros.  About 4 lakh rupees in Indian currency!

The chef’s name is Robert Jan de Vin.  He is the chef of De Daltons Restaurant in the city of Verthuizen.

What’s so significant in the burger?


Naturally, it’s not like the other five ordinary burgers. It contains King Crab shells.  King crab is a very expensive sea crab. On the other Hand this patty belongs to Wego Beef.

wego is a special breed of cow. This beef mixes fat and protein evenly. It melts like butter when taken in hand. Very expensive


Caviar- Beluga caviar has been provided.  Caviar is the egg of the sturgeon.  However, the eggs of this fish are not cooked.  These eggs have to be removed from the stomach of the fish very carefully.  It is then preserved in its raw state with salt.

These are usually black and orange in color. The orange color is fine-grain . This raw fish egg has a heavenly taste mixed with salt and sweet. The price of one kg is several lakh rupees.

White truffle:

Truffle is a type of wild mushroom. These mushrooms are sought after in the hilly forests with specially trained dogs. Lives under the ground. The price of truffle is also lakhs of rupees. It is famous for its fragrance.

Sauce: Bottled tomato ketchup or mayonnaise will not be served in such a burger.  It contains a very expensive coffee bean sauce called Kopi Luak.


The real taste of the burger is like ban-ai. If the ban is too hard, the taste of the food inside will not be understood.  Meanwhile, if the bun is too soft, it will not be able to hold the food inside, it will break wet.

This burger bun is made with champagne. That means the bread is smeared with champagne. Needless to say, the price of champagne is high. A gold foil was given top of the burger.

Who eat such an expensive burger?

It was sold to Remia International, a Dutch trading company.  The burger is made by Khan Rubber Williams, chairman of the Royal Dutch Food and Beverage Association.

But this whole money is not just the price of food. No matter how expensive the material is used, it will not cost Rs 4.5 lakh.

In fact, this burger is made for the purpose of raising money for social work. In other words, the chef handed over the money to an NGO.

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