Want to read deleted WhatsApp messages? Find out the easy way


>WhatsApp is the most popular app in the world

>WhatsApp recently came up with the Disappearing Messages feature, where messages sent on WhatsApp can be deleted.

>In the trick given here, you can read WhatsApp messages in one go

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is the most popular in the world. WhatsApp is a chatting platform that makes messaging easier. WhatsApp also brings new features for users, many of which we don’t know about. WhatsApp recently came up with the Disappearing Messages feature, where messages sent to WhatsApp can be deleted. However, some important messages that are deleted a lot of times are useful to us later, this time you should know how to read that deleted message.

You can’t read a message on WhatsApp, after it’s deleted. However, WhatsApp has not yet given any such feature. But you can read the delete message from a trick. For this you need to download a third party app. But let’s find out the trick ..

How to view deleted messages on WhatsApp?

1- First of all, you have to download the third party application “WhatsRemoved+” from Google Play Store.

2- After installing the WhatsRemoved+ application on the phone, open it and click OK in terms of terms and conditions.

3- After downloading, open the app and then give access to the notification of your phone.

4- Now you have to select the app for which you want notification.  Select WhatsApp in that list and then click on Next option.

5- After clicking on the YES option here, you have to click on the Allow button and come to the Save Files option.

6- Now you will go to a page where you can see all the deleted messages.

7- You have to click on the WhatsApp option next to the Dedicated option at the top of your screen.

8- After enabling these settings, you can read all deleted WhatsApp messages.

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