Google Search History will be deleted in 15 minutes!

Google Search History: 

Have you searched Google for a long time and seen a lot? Do you have your own thoughts on some of the searches? Google has come up with a new feature to delete the last 15 minutes of Search History. Find out hare.

Tracking ex’s movements? Google has come up with a new feature in search keeping in mind all these privacy of the customer. The new feature will delete any search result within 15 minutes of Google Search. Although Google is not the first tech company to come up with this feature. In January last year, Facebook came up with the option to clear search history with one click.

Over the past few years, Google and Facebook have come under fire from consumers and various governments for their privacy. Google has come up with a new privacy feature to increase its credibility in this situation. Google announced the ‘Quick Delete’ option at the I/O 2021 Developers Conference this week.

How does Quick Delete work in Google search?

This can be done in two main ways. For that you need to log in from your account during Google search.

Step 1- Click on your profile picture at the top right.  A drop down menu will appear here.

Step 2- If you select ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ here, all your recent search history will be deleted.

Google has also added a new feature to the password manager to keep it password protected.

Google recently announced that ‘Auto Delete’ automatically deletes a customer’s personal data from a Google Account. As a result, Google is much more secure than ever. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai also said that the ‘Auto Delete’ option is enabled from the beginning in all newly created Google accounts.

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