Exercise for Diabetics patient during coronavirus

You can walk for 30 minutes in one place in the house. The first 5 minutes should be done slowly, the next 20 minutes fast and the last 5 minutes slowly.

The elderly and diabetics are most at risk during the second wave of the corona. Therefore, patients with diabetes should control their blood sugar. But going out in the corona and walking or jogging is almost off. Jogging is very useful for controlling diabetes. So it will not work if you sit down. To control diabetes, you need to exercise regularly at home.

Exercise at home lowers the blood glucose:

Jogging: You can jog for 30 minutes in any part of the house. The first 5 minutes should be done slowly, the next 20 minutes fast and the last 5 minutes slowly. After jogging, lie down in a comfortable position for another five minutes. This is the cooldown. It is important to wear comfortable shoes while jogging.

Jumping: 30 minutes of jumping can be a good exercise. This lowers glucose levels and burns extra calories. For example, 10 minutes of rope jump burns about 100 calories.

Aerobic exercise: Exercise that causes the body to sweat and increases its demand for oxygen is called aerobic exercise. Dancing, Zumba, indoor cycling, or running on a treadmill for 20-30 minutes can be done sitting at home.

Special breathing exercises during corona:

Patients with diabetes need to take care of their respiratory system as well as general calorie loss exercises at this time. So add these exercises as well.

Breathing Exercises: Lie down first. Place one hand on the abdomen. Breathe in through the nose, notice if the abdomen is swollen upwards. Hold for 10 seconds. Now slowly exhale through the mouth. Do this 10 times again, twice a day.

Kapalbhati: This is also a type of breathing exercise. Take short breaths while sitting in a chair, but release loudly. Now close one side of the nose and exhale loudly from the other side. In the same way, close the nostrils on the other side and exhale loudly on the other side. Repeat 10-20 times twice a day.

Those who have pain and heart disease should seek expert advice before doing any exercise. You have to listen to your body, that is, you have to exercise according to your body’s ability. Exercise should not be done with fatigue or body aches. Exercise after the evening of Ramadan.

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