Google has added a new security layer to the Chrome browser


Google has added a new security layer to the Chrome browser 

This special feature of Google Chrome is known as “Google Chrome Password Checker”

This built-in Chrome password tool can alert all saved and synced passwords about data breaching. 

Most of us are concerned about the password security of our digital accounts.  Well, how do you know if any kind of password is more likely to be hacked or if the password of your user account has been passed to someone else?  In most cases people avoid these complex issues.  Many people do not want to believe that they have saved a weak password for Facebook, Twitter and Google for the convenience of remembering.  Keep in mind that a strong passwords can protect digital data from hacker attacks.

So that Google has added a new security layer to the Chrome browser.  This will make it easier for users to notify if their passwords used on Facebook, Twitter or other digital platforms have been hacked.  This special feature of Google Chrome is called “Google Chrome Password Checker”.  This built-in Chrome password tool can let you know if data breaching is occurring on all saved and synced passwords.  It also notifies users about how weak a password is.

How to find out if any of your digital account passwords have been hacked through GOOGLE CHROME browser-

  • To use the Google Chrome browser’s password checker tool, first make sure your device’s web browser is upgraded to the latest version of Chrome 96 or higher to upgrade the browser.
  • Then open Google Chrome browser and select “Settings” option from the three-dots menu in the right hand corner.
  • Then from the drop down chart that will come up you have to choose “Autofill” and then “Passwords” option.
  • Then select “Checked Passwords”.
  • As a result, Google automatically analyzes all passwords and categorizes them into weaker passwords, stronger passwords and moderate passwords.

How to protect your digital account passwords from hackers –

There are several passwords that users use the most.  According to reports, all these passwords can be hacked in just a few seconds. They are-

  1. Password
  2. 12345
  3. 123456
  4. 123456789
  5. 12345678
  6. 123456789
  7. 1234567890
  8. 1234567
  9. Qwerty
  10. abc123

Use a different password for each of your digital accounts.  Avoid using similar passwords on Facebook, Twitter and Google.
If a password is 12 digits, then this type of password is considered to be the strongest.  You can also use lyrics or lines from a book if you want.  Security is enhanced by using special characters and digits in the password. Do not using your nickname, address as a password.

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