Pohela Boishakh; Bengali New Year

Google wishes Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year) with doodles.  This special doodle is being displayed on the Google homepage on the occasion of the new year.

A doodle is a logo that is created to match a particular day, rather than their own logo on the search box for a particular day or a special person.  Google publishes special doodles on various festivals and days.

This time the doodle is seen scratching with paintbrushes on a paper-designed mask.  The mask is decorated in red, yellow, maroon, green and other colors.  Such masks are usually used in Mars processions.

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Good luck in the future

Today is the first Baishakh.  The new year 1428 will be added to the Bengali calendar by saying goodbye to the year 1427 through Chaitra Sankranti.  Today the Prothom-alo of dawn will come with new dreams, expectations and possibilities.  Like last year, the new year will naturally start with the desire to have a new world free of coronavirus.  The Bengalis of the world, including Bangladesh, will welcome the new year in their own homes without any big formalities with the expectation of getting rid of the Corona epidemic.

Bangladesh became a colorful festival on the first day of Boishakh.  New Year’s Eve with Mars procession across the capital.  But now there is an epidemic all over the world including Bangladesh.  Meanwhile, the seven-day lockdown is starting from April 14.  As a result, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the first Baishakh gathering has been banned again.  So the new year will be welcomed without any formality.

The situation is such that people are eagerly expecting death in the new year.  People will wake up again like Kazi Nazrul Islam’s delightful poem.  Why are you afraid of destruction?  Doom is a new creation-feeling!  Coming to cut the new lifeless non-beautiful!

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has wished a happy Bengali New Year and the holy month of Ramadan to all at home and abroad.  However, he urged everyone to enjoy the New Year at home to stay away from corona infections.  At the same time, the head of government requested everyone to follow proper hygiene rules to prevent corona.  He gave these messages in his address to the nation on the occasion of Bengali New Year 1428 on Tuesday (April 13).

In this situation, New Year’s Day is the day to correct yourself.  This time too, the New Year celebrations of Chayanat are not taking place at the base of the traditional Ramna.  However, special New Year programs will be broadcast on public and private television and radio.

Mentioning that the struggle of women in Corona will be more integrated, Jinat Ara Haque of Pari Jote told, “Bangla Tribune that the New Year is a time of reckoning.  Brings hope.  But when the new year comes, everything does not change.  The first is when the lockdown was done with the level of torture.  Now women have figured out how to cope with stress over the past year.  Lots of women are working online.”

Also added that, “Trying to contribute to the economy by making homemade things. However, the harassment of marginalized women and victims of child marriage has not decreased. Although the able-bodied people came forward at the beginning, it is doubtful how much they will help this time.  People have determined self-strategy, that’s positive. The community feeling of marginalized people is strong, they can stand by the neighbor. In the new year, education may be the community feeling may be more omnipresent.”

Professor Syed Manjurul Islam, while calling for a new year, said that, “the incidence of epidemic corona has increased.  It’s not a second wave, it’s a second tsunami.  Our future will depend on when the situation becomes normal.  If we can cope in a month or two, it will be easier to turn around.  But we don’t seem to care about the livelihood equation.  If I am not careful, none of that life and livelihood will survive.”

He also said, “If we do our duty, everyone will live.  Now this is the only thing in the new year, if you don’t follow the hygiene rules, you don’t want your own good as well as the good of others.  But keep in mind that this is not Bangladesh.  Boishakh repeatedly teaches us to stand up.  This time too he is talking about getting up, you have to listen to it with your ears.  If we listen, we will be able to stand up again with the power of Boishakh.”

Pohela Boishakh; Bengali New Year

Pohela Boishakh

Chayanat started the Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year) call on the first morning of Boishakh at the base of Ramna. And it was 1967. Pohela Boishakh event was closed in 1971 due to the war of liberation. Even the horrific bombing of the base in 2001 did not stop the secularism of Chhayanat and the melody of abhorrent Bengal.

However, this cultural school has been almost stunned since last year with the New Year. Centenary bot tree of lonely Ramna.  The cause is corona epidemic.  For this reason, there is no special event in the New Year (Pohela Boishakh).

Like last year, Chhayanat is being forced to celebrate Bengali New Year using digital medium.

Laisa Ahmed Lisa, the general secretary of Chayanat and Rabindra Sangeet artist said that, “the situation is deteriorating.  Circumstances have forced us to move away from the traditional arrangement of botulism as everyone fears health risks.  However, initially we decided that we would do a video recording at the Pohela Boishakh, even if there were no viewers. That’s how we prepared.

It is learned that the educational institution started practicing a month ago to hold the New Year (Pohela Boishakh) celebrations.  But even there, Corona’s terrible claw fell.  About 15 people including some teachers and students have been infected.

Khairul Anam Shakil, vice-president of Chayanat and a Nazrul musician, said, “Pahela Boishakh carries a Bengali identity of its own. People sit all year round for this day. There are plans to wear new clothes, go to new places, come to the bottom. But as it is now, there is no need to rejoice in this day and age. The situation has taken away our joy. Now the echo of death is all around. I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything again.”

Although not directly at the base, this time there is a 50-minute program with old programs and some new songs.  It will be broadcast simultaneously on Chayanat’s Facebook page and YouTube, including BTV, from 8 am on April 14.

Anindya Rahman, senior executive officer of the institute, said, “The New Year is not being organized for two consecutive years. However, the artists have recorded several songs at home. BTV has made the program by combining them and the old ones. Although not directly, we have tried to do the whole event in accordance with the whole tradition. Where it will start with the rage of music and will end with the national anthem.”

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